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Lady Gaga Eats a Barbie Doll On Stage

GaGa puts Barbie’s head in her mouth, then makes Barbie eat her vajayjay!!!!!!

The Easter Granny

NEW: Lady Gaga – Money Honey (The Fame Ball Studio Version)

Opening with a very Salt’N’Pepa ‘Push It’ riff and retro-house beat, GaGa’s Aguilera-like tones muse on her love of jags, jets, and mansions.


Lady Gaga (Feat. Beyoncé): Telephone (Video Premiere)

Gaga and Beyonce team up for this 9 minute music video extravaganza full of dancing female inmates and more.

iamamiwhoami? Website? Christina? Hide and Seek?

Check it out

The Scariest Youtube Video Of ALL TIME!!!

:| Mini Gaga?

What To Do For 10 Hours in Pittsburgh Airport?

She’ll probably be added to some security lists, but at least she did something creative with her down time.

Lady GaGa Covers In New York Magazine

Lady Gaga: At The Grammys

Lady Gaga kicked off Grammy night with a fiery performance - Elton John joined the outrageous singer on stage for a duet after she was thrown into a pit of flames.

Gaga was dressed in Armani for the lavish event. Giorgio Armani created a variety of special pieces for Lady Gaga to wear for both the evening’s ceremony and for her special live stage performance.

Lady GaGa: Teeth (Unofficial Video premiere)

The music video, for Lady Gaga’s “Teeth,” is actually not the official video. And there’s speculation that it’s not even an official Haus of Gaga creation, though there are reports Gaga funded it.

Playing into the uber-trendy vampire theme, we get two S&M-style muscled guys playing with latex, bondage, and blood .. Interesting!!

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