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Sade Covers Ebony Magazine

April 2010 issue

NEW: Crookers (Feat. Róisín Murphy) – Royal T



MUSIC: Jean-Marie Riachi

Jean-Marie Riachi is a Lebanese arranger, composer and record producer.

He began his music career performing in local bars and clubs.

Riachi launched his musical production and composing career in 1999 when he produced his first “hit”, Baddi Doub. It was performed by Elissa, a Lebanese singer.

In 2009, after 2 years of work and preparation, Belaaks was released. Its a new concept of albums that combine instrumental & vocal, guest artists.

It starts with Yara’s “Shefto min Beid” and ends with a duet between Ramy Ayach and Abir Ne’me, “Belaaks” (the opposite direction) with a couple of international songs in between. The album has a mixed flavor between Jazz & Arabic. It is great music for different moods.




This is “real” music. It’s too bad the majority haven’t realized it yet.

These guys put alot of work into their music, and it shows. if you imagine some of this stuff being played on more conventional instruments, you’ll get what i’m talking about.

Dragonette - Marvellous

iamamiwhoami .. Welcome Home?

What’s the fascination with the number 6? 6 strawberries, 6 crosses, 6 leaves on that flower… or does it just mean six videos?



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